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As a renowned Odoo development firm in Kuwait, we specialize in delivering custom end-to-end design and Odoo development solutions that are not only creatively enriched but also exceptionally functional and highly adaptable to meet your individual requirements and preferences.

Odoo Software Development Services

At CentrixPlus, we specialize in developing world-class Odoo development company. The Odoo ERP system allows for customizable solutions to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. Our work speaks for itself!

Mobile App Development

Unlock the future of business mobility with our Odoo Mobile App Development services. Seamlessly blend innovation and functionality to create captivating mobile solutions tailored to your needs. Empower your enterprise with the power of Odoo Application on the go.

SAAS Development

Elevate your business to the cloud with our Odoo SaaS Development. Harness the limitless potential of Software as a Service. Experience seamless scalability, accessibility, and innovation while we craft your customized Odoo SaaS solution. Transform your business, one click at a time.

Migration Services

Embark on a seamless journey to Odoo excellence with our Migration Services. Effortlessly transition to the latest Odoo version, ensuring data integrity and enhanced performance. Let us take your business to the next level, hassle-free.


Odoo is a versatile suite of business applications that scales with your organization’s growth. Our Odoo Customization Services harness its open-source nature to tailor it to your unique business needs.

Marketplace Pioneers

Centrixplus, the vanguard of the Odoo Marketplace, champions innovation and offers a multitude of cutting-edge solutions. We redefine possibilities, offering an extensive array of Odoo apps and add-ons. Join us in the realm of limitless business growth.

Theme Development

At Centrixplus, we are masters of Odoo Themes Development. Our expert team crafts captivating and versatile themes that transform your Odoo experience. Elevate your platform’s visual appeal and user experience with our tailor-made themes.

POS Development Services

As a leading service provider, we specialize in Odoo POS Development. We create intuitive and feature-rich point-of-sale solutions that enhance your business operations. Trust us to optimize your retail and restaurant systems for success.

Multi-Platform Integration Services

Elevate your business with seamless software integration through CentrixPlus Odoo Integration Service. By connecting third-party software, we offer a comprehensive platform for sales, CRM, eCommerce, and more, enhancing the value of your Odoo ERP Development.

PWA Development For
Odoo eCommerce

CentrixPlus, your premier services provider, excels in PWA Development for Odoo eCommerce. Elevate your online store with our Progressive Web App expertise, delivering lightning-fast performance and seamless user experiences for your customers.


Enhance your business capabilities with an Odoo upgrade. Elevate your software to the latest version, unlock new features, improve system performance, and maintain security. Stay competitive and boost productivity with the upgrade.

Headless Development

As a leading services provider, we excel in Odoo Headless Development. We empower your business with headless architecture, enhancing flexibility and performance, and enabling seamless integration with various platforms and applications for an exceptional digital experience.

ERP Modules

Odoo ERP modules offer comprehensive business solutions, streamlining operations with modules for accounting, inventory, CRM, HR, and more, enhancing efficiency and driving growth.

We Want To Highlight That We Are A Silver Partner In Odoo.

Our Odoo Development Process

Uniqueness defines every business idea, demanding a strategic edge to thrive. Our mission is tailoring the Odoo ERP Software Development Process to match your distinctive vision

Why Odoo : How it helps?

Odoo is an ultimate business solution that simplifies different business processes, collects useful data, and projects the organization’s overall efficiency. Businesses need to spend a lot on dedicated ERPs to do the conventional way. Centrix Plus – brought a simple solution in the form of Odoo Website Design Implementation and
customization to business-specific needs. It provides a complete package with basic to advanced features a business may need to look after routine processes. Businesses of different scales and niches can take advantage of its amazing platform.

One-Stop Solution

A one-stop solution provides all your needs in a single place, offering convenience and efficiency, simplifying processes and delivering comprehensive services or products.

Budget Friendly

A budget-friendly one-stop solution offers cost-effective services, addressing all your needs without breaking the bank, ensuring affordability and convenience.

Community Support

Community support fosters unity and cooperation, where people come together to assist one another, share resources, and create a network of help and solidarity.


Customizable means tailoring to specific needs. It offers the flexibility to adapt and personalize a product or service according to individual preferences and requirements.

Why Choose Centrix Plus For Odoo Modules Development

Choose Centrixplus for Odoo development to unlock customized solutions, expert guidance, and unparalleled service. Our commitment to excellence ensures your project’s success every step of the way. As an Odoo ERP developer, We specialize in customizing, integrating, and optimizing Odoo solutions to meet your business needs effectively.

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