WhatsApp Business API Integration

Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp Business API to enhance customer engagement. Empower your business with efficient communication, automated messaging, and streamlined interactions, ensuring a dynamic and responsive brand presence.

Utilize WhatsApp Integration for Business Growth

Empower your business to leverage the benefits of one of the most globally utilized messaging applications.

We grasp your business needs and showcase WhatsApp's standout features.

Centrixplus offers an array of WhatsApp CRM features to elevate your business. From customer profiles to personalized responses and message storage, we have your online business covered.

Customer Engagement

Foster meaningful connections and interactions with your audience through strategic communication and personalized experiences. Elevate customer engagement to build lasting relationships and brand loyalty for sustained business success.

Streamlined Interactions

Simplify and optimize communication processes with streamlined interactions. Enhance efficiency, reduce complexity, and ensure smooth exchanges, fostering a seamless experience for both customers and businesses alike.

Automated Messaging

Accelerate communication efficiency with automated messaging. Seamlessly deliver timely and personalized messages, saving time and ensuring a responsive interaction that enhances user experience and engagement.

Business Notifications

Keep stakeholders informed and engaged through timely and relevant business notifications. Deliver updates, alerts, and essential information efficiently, ensuring a proactive approach to communication and decision-making.

Centrixplus - Store Makes Everything Easy For Your Online Store

At Centrixplus, we allow our clients to make use of our elite sales-related features that help you to start selling seamlessly. Now you can manage your inventory, enjoy multiple payment options, and allow your customers to configure checkouts with ease.

Variable/Digital Products

Effortlessly manage and sell variable or digital products through WhatsApp Business Integration. Streamline transactions, provide instant updates, and enhance customer experience for a seamless digital commerce interaction.

Checkout Configurations

Optimize your customer's shopping journey with Checkout Configurations through WhatsApp Business Integration. Tailor the purchasing process, offer convenience, and elevate the overall user experience for seamless transactions.

Inventory Management

Efficiently oversee and control your inventory with WhatsApp Business Integration. Stay organized, manage stock levels, and enhance operational efficiency for a seamless and responsive business experience.

Multiple Payment Integrations

Expand payment options and enhance customer convenience with Multiple Payment Integrations through WhatsApp Business. Enable seamless transactions, providing flexibility and catering to diverse preferences for a streamlined purchasing experience.