WhatsApp Integration

Consider WhatsApp as your forum for user and Interaction

WhatsApp is the most trusted platform in the world, as it has won the trust of millions of people over the world. WhatsApp gives companies a new identity when it comes to the services. The companies can be in touch with its customer for maintaining strong and trusted relationship.
A wonderful channel where the communication flow is excellent. Where the business can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime without any delay.

  • Two Way Connectivity: Deliver exceptional services to your customers now on their most preferred platform. WhatsApp enables two-way communication facility where you can take advantage of promoting your business with ease of chat even by providing the information regarding updates, delivery tracking, conformation after receiving, contacts etc. And you can keep them update of new products and provide them additional information before they ask.
  • The Best Media Platform: WhatsApp enables one to send any important information such as documents, audios and, videos and, images quickly with just one click without any delay. The business can utilize this effective opportunity to strengthen the relationship with customer.
  • Easy to connect and use: WhatsApp Business Solutions in Kuwait provides convenient and easy to use services. As it has the facility of chat, audio as well as video call. The operators can have virtual talks and discussion with ease. It is the best channel to enhance strong customer relationships.
  • The Bot of Preference: Call center solutions in Kuwait will help to solve most of the client’s questions at first stage without including the staff. You can directly connect with your customer by routing the chat to Centrix Plus bot with minimum time and less cost involved.
  • Smooth/flawless Integration: Hold your customers by providing them right information by the right person. With the use of WhatsApp the business can integrate their customer chat to the person who is much qualified in a specific field.
  • WhatsApp Engagement: WhatsApp is the platform where the users are most likely to be active, through WhatsApp business solution in Kuwait, the firm can track the rate of responsiveness to their text, feedback, and reasons for failure to respond. By estimating the responsiveness the firms will evaluate the efficiency of each text.