Microsoft Team Integration

Microsoft Team Integration

Microsoft Team integration is an application of streamlined interactions for your contact center that allows for a better service coordination across the organization. With a single database and a coordinated presence with Teams. Directly access all other companies’ data and applications from Microsoft Teams. Centrix plus enables you to ease your work by Microsoft team integration. Microsoft team integration unifies the team at single platform. Manage the workflows in the best ever manner. Have an amazing workflow experience utilizing Microsoft team integration which fits business sizes of all types and act’s as bot to answer your queries, and completes the tasks and sent the notification.


Click on a link and get started up: A secure link or ID and password are provided to the participants to enter the meeting.

  • Instant messaging: Easily chat on Microsoft team integration to have solved your queries and more.
  • Virtual conference: A virtual mode which breaks the geographical boundaries and anyone from anywhere can get connected easily.
  • Screen share: It gives the opportunity to easily share the important documents, files, data and more.
  • Recorded meetings: Microsoft team integration allows the host to record the meeting. The recording can be further utilized for the future purpose.

Be limitless with MS Integration virtual conferences to solve complex queries and stay updated all the time with the latest information.