and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Over the years Centrix plus has aimed at improving its clients experience to the peak and ensure to deliver only the best services.

Through our structure, and engineering services,
CENTRIX PLUS offers complete service support by designing and engineering software solutions that meet our client’s necessities.

  • It is the effective CRM system for small business as it integrates customer-specific, affairs,Language and terminology into the shipping of the solution.
  • It administrates and sketches the conferences to high-quality which meet the client’s needs.
  • You can run your virtual call center from anywhere you have internet connection. Configure your account settings, call routing options, IVR menus, from your online interface.
  • It creates custom call disposition codes and tracks call outcomes over time.
  • Being a productive CRM software for sales it even tracks performance, and view analytics with hundreds of different reporting options.
  • Call management system of CENTRIX PLUS is built for improving your company’s communications and agent performances right away.
  • Optimizes live chat, SMS, social messaging and email, we meet customers in their channel of choice, at their moment of truth, to deliver the experience they expect.