Advanced BPO Process-Specific Call Center Solution Tailored for Kuwait

Enhance your BPO operations to deliver fast, personalized customer support using our feature-rich omnichannel call center solution.

Our BPO call center software is deliberately designed for all business verticals and streamlines the inbound and outbound calling processes for enhanced agent productivity and effective call resolutions.

Our Valued Clients In The BPO/KPO Industry

Our valued clients in the BPO/KPO industry are the backbone of our success. With a deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges, we provide tailored solutions that drive efficiency and innovation. We take pride in our partnerships, delivering excellence, reliability, and unwavering support to help them thrive in a dynamic global marketplace.

Centrixplus - Call Center Solutions & Services In Kuwait

Centrixplus, a leading name in Call Center Solutions and services in Kuwait, offers cutting-edge services to meet your business needs. Our “OmnichannelCall Center Solution” ensures seamless customer interactions across various channels, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. Our “CRM-CTI Connector” provides the integration tools to unify your customer data and communication systems, streamlining your operations for improved efficiency. Moreover, our “Intelligent IVRS” system enables smart, automated interactions, optimizing call handling. Centrixplus is your trusted partner for elevating customer service and enhancing business performance in Kuwait.


Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Elevate your customer service with our “Omnichannel Call Center Solution.” Seamlessly manage customer interactions across multiple channels for enhanced engagement and satisfaction.


CRM-CTI Connector

Experience streamlined operations with our “CRM-CTI Connector.” Integrate customer data and communication systems, empowering your business with efficient tools for unified customer relationship management and enhanced productivity.


Intelligent IVRS

Unlock efficiency and automation with our “Intelligent IVRS.” Smart, automated interactions optimize call handling, delivering a seamless and effective customer experience while boosting operational productivity.


Auto Dialer

Unlock efficiency and automation with our “Intelligent IVRS.” Smart, automated interactions optimize call handling, delivering a seamless and effective customer experience while boosting operational productivity.


Automated Calls & SMS

Elevate your strategy with automated IVR calls to track marketing ROI, gather valuable customer feedback, confirm COD orders, and more. Optimize engagement and insights with ease.


Visual drag-drop APIs

Explore the boundless possibilities with Exotel. From crafting basic IVR systems to orchestrating intricate call functions, our visual APIs or ‘App Builder’ empower you to shape communication your way.


Call Recording

Experience the full spectrum of call center capabilities. Record and monitor calls, support agent training, resolve customer issues, and enhance decision-making with our comprehensive call center software.


Encrypted Calling

Secure Conversations: Our Encrypted Calling Ensures the Utmost Privacy and Security for Your Calls, Shielding Sensitive Information from Unwanted Intrusions.


Live Monitoring

Real-Time Surveillance: Our Live Monitoring Feature Keeps You Informed and Empowered, Allowing You to Stay on Top of Ongoing Operations and Make Informed Decisions Instantly.

Why To Choose CentrixPlus Call Center Solution

Choose CentrixPlus Call Center Solution for exceptional customer service. With robust features, it ensures seamless communication, enhanced efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction. Enjoy flexible customization, real-time analytics, and cost-effective solutions. Elevate your business with CentrixPlus – the ultimate choice for call center success.

Intelligence, Reporting, and Analytics

In a call center, managers dedicate over 30% of their productive time assembling reports to gauge efficiency. Our cloud contact center software automates this process, liberating your resources for core call center functions. We offer comprehensive reporting, analytics, and intelligence for streamlined operations planning. Uncover anomalies, trends, and assess performance, harnessing real-time data to your full advantage.

Workforce Management

Merely 10% of call centers employ Workforce Management (WFM) systems, not due to lack of desire, but because most platforms lack integrated WFM solutions. Our comprehensive Workforce Management software grants real-time data insights, empowering you to optimize your workforce efficiently.

Integration and Automation

When assessing a call center platform, your primary concern might be safeguarding your current investments. Don’t worry; our cloud contact center software seamlessly integrates with your preferred solutions. We even offer pre-built integrations and handle all integration requirements behind the scenes, supported by 24/7 customer assistance, ensuring your peace of mind.

Voice Analytics

In call centers, voice is the primary means of communication. Typically, only 2% of recorded calls are reviewed by managers and supervisors, primarily when issues arise. But what about the other 98%? They sit in storage, holding valuable insights. Voice Analytics swiftly uncovers compliance breaches, misselling, privacy concerns, training needs, and opportunities for self-service, ultimately boosting call center efficiency and employee satisfaction.


Flatworld Solutions has been offering call center solutions for the past 19 years. We offer high quality call center services to our customers worldwide.

Our employees are pre-trained at handling calls and different situations. They are provided a fresher course before they start working on a new project. Your website, product and service guides, and previous mail correspondence with your clients help them understand your business better. Read more about call center training at Flatworld.

Majority of our clients are from English speaking nations like US and UK, but we have trained staff who can converse in multiple languages such as French, Spanish, German, and Dutch among others. Additionally, we have delivery centers across the globe, and have the capability to hire native language speakers for any unique requirements.

We never compromise on your data, credit card details, logins and passwords, and other confidential information. Our employees are made to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they start working with Flatworld, and any violations are severely dealt with. You can be assured of your business' safety with us. Read more about call center security at Flatworld.

All the incoming calls are transferred to the voicemail during non-service hours or when the phone lines are busy. Our agents respond to those voicemails when the lines are free again, hence a call is never left unattended.