Our Purchase 

The Odoo purchase module handles all of your business's product purchase management needs based on inventory stock. You will also be able to specify different purchase agreements, set up automated purchase quotations to be created depending on the stock, and many other operational choices that are beneficial to the company's real-time operation.

Our identify core Purchase features are:

  • Purchase Quotation Management

  • Purchase Order Management

  • Purchase Agreements

  • Vendor Management
  • Product Management
  • Product Variant Management
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Purchase Dashboard

  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Lock Confirmed Orders
  • Restrict Product Purchase
  • Receipt Remainder
  • Bill Control
  • 3-way matching technique
  • Vendor Pricelist Management

  • Product Categorising
  • UoM Management
  • Drop shipping
  • On-Time Delivery Analysis
  • Remaining Days Widget
  • Priority Widget