Point Of Sale

Our Point of Sale 

Using the Point of Sales module, which also serves as the counter sales application, you may specify how your company manages its retail shops. Furthermore, you can designate a restaurant or a bar to operate effectively with the module. In addition, the module is directly integrated with the inventory, sales, and e-commerce operations so that the product list and the warehouse details are shared, preventing inaccurate orders from being generated for product that is out of stock.

Our identify core Point of Sale features are:

  • Shop and Restaurant/Bar Management
  • POS Interface Management
  • Floor Management
  • Table Management
  • Order Management
  • Bill Splitting
  • Cash Control  


  • Product Management
  • Product Variant Management
  • Price Control
  • Tax Management
  • Discount Management
  • Payment Terminals 
  • IoT Boxes


  • Inventory Management  
  • Pricelist Management
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Cash Rounding
  • Order Analysis