About us

About Centrix Plus

Centrix Plus offers a unified communication solutions that is scalable, easy to use, agent-friendly yet affordable.

Centrix Plus being a platform build to solve all the customer experience problems offers a robust Call Center Solution. The solution aims to enable all Business, Enterprises in managing their customer interactions along with getting rid of the siloed operations and workforce management.

Why Odoo Software used by Centrix Plus?

Centrix Plus is a certified Official Odoo Gold Partner with expertise in multiple Odoo editions. With over 9 years of experience providing Odoo services to customers across numerous industry verticals, we have a great track record of successful Odoo service deployment. Our Odoo Gold Partnership reflects our long-term customers, multiple Odoo licensees, pleased clients' trust, and high-quality outputs guaranteed by our dedication and determination.

Benefits of Centrix Plus customers have

  • Get a 360 degree view of your business.
  • Clear, Reliable and Resilient.
  • Quickly see your next-best actions.
  • Increase your lead-to-deal conversion rates.
  • Customize to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Ensure your team spends time with customers than entering data.

Why Centrix Plus?

  • Centrix Plus is the right solution!
  • One Product: Many Possibilities.
  • Active Hands-Free Conversations.
  • Provide 24x7 Self Service to Your Customers.
  • Set-Up a World-Class Call Center within Minutes.
  • Craft delightful customer experiences

Our Odoo Gold Partner Services

Odoo Implementation

  • Understanding the unique business process
  • Analysis of requirements  
  • Effective Odoo installation
  • Configuration based on analysis  

Odoo Customization

  • Analyze the need for customization
  • GAP Analysis  
  • Development of Customized solutions

Odoo Integration

  • Security Analysis
  • Obtaining the required credentials  
  • Efficient integration with required third-party applications

Odoo Migration

  • Platform analysis
  • Provision of an effective data transmission system
  • Migration of master data at most care  

Odoo Support

  • Process Support
  • Performance monitoring  
  • Provision of required training

Odoo Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Maintenance Team Management

  • Periodic maintenance

Why do we offer Odoo Services?

  • Free from Installation, Licensing, and Vendor Problems.
  • Versatile customization with the best quality at an affordable cost.
  • Easily scalable & integrates with third-party software.
  • User-friendly with an intuitive interface and is easy to follow.
  • Uses the latest technology paradigms to stay up-to-date.

Why we are the Right Odoo Partner For Your Business?

  • Kuwait based company

  • We are the Best Odoo Gold Partner in  Kuwait.
  • 18+ Years Of Odoo experience.
  • 100+ Odoo Implementations
  • 220+ Odoo developer 

Setup Odoo with the Best Odoo Partner in Kuwait

Odoo Consultation:  Experience in Odoo is important for the success of the project.

Odoo Implementation:   One with subject matter expertise is the right partner.

Odoo Customization:  Customizing Odoo modules to fit business needs.

Odoo Integration:  Integrating multiple platforms with Odoo to form a single Platform.

Odoo Training:  Training users to use Odoo is important to make it successful implementation.

Odoo Support:  Offer customer support after Odoo implementation to remove any issues.

Our Odoo Industrial Expertise

Centrix Plus, being an effective Odoo partner in Kuwait & India, provides exceptional Odoo services in the following industrial verticals.




Food & beverage




50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.